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Real Time PCRMixes

Real Time PCRMixes

We are the first choice of Covid-19 RT-PCR Kit manufacturers in Turkey.

▪ SensiFAST Prone One-Step Kit Options for RT-PCR device:


➢ SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX One-Step Kit 

➢ SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit 

➢ SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit

 ▪ The kit has three packaging options : 100 rxns, 500 rxns and 10.000 rxns bulk package size 

▪ Fast: Hot start enzyme saves time and prevents primerdimer 

▪ Spesific: Early Ct unique buffer composition designed to capture 

▪ Ideal for low copy targets 

▪ It gives faster result than other competitors without sacrificing accuracy 

Product CodeProduct NamePackageBrand
BIO-98002SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-98005SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-98020SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-94002SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-94005SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-94020SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-92002SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-92005SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-92020SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-96002SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-96005SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-96020SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit2000 rxnsBioline
QT650-05SensiMix SYBR No-ROX Kit500 rxnBioline
QT650-20SensiMix SYBR No-ROX Kit2000 rxnBioline
QT625-05SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX Kit500 rxnBioline
QT625-20SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX Kit2000 rxnBioline
QT605-05SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX Kit500 rxnBioline
QT605-20SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX Kit2000 rxnBioline
QT615-05SensiMix SYBR & Fluorescein Kit500 rxnBioline
QT615-20SensiMix SYBR & Fluorescein Kit2000 rxnBioline
BIO-86002SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-86005SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-86020SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-84002SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-84005SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-84020SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-82002SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-82005SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-82020SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-83005SensiMix II Probe No-ROX Kit500 rxnBioline
BIO-83020SensiMix II Probe No-ROX Kit2000 rxnBioline
BIO-88005SensiMix II Probe Lo-ROX Kit500 rxnBioline
BIO-88020SensiMix II Probe Lo-ROX Kit2000 rxnBioline
BIO-87005SensiMix II Probe Hi-ROX Kit500 rxnBioline
BIO-87020SensiMix II Probe Hi-ROX Kit2000 rxnBioline
One-Step SYBR
BIO-72001SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-72005SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-74001SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-74005SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-73001SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-73005SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-75001SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-75005SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
One-Step Probe
BIO-76001SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-76005SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-78001SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-78005SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-77001SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX One-Step Kit100 rxnsBioline
BIO-77005SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX One-Step Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-32002SensiFAST HRM Kit200 rxnsBioline
BIO-32005SensiFAST HRM Kit500 rxnsBioline
BIO-32020SensiFAST HRM Kit2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-34002SensiFAST Genotyping Lo-ROX Mix200 rxnsBioline
BIO-34005SensiFAST Genotyping Lo-ROX Mix500 rxnsBioline
BIO-34020SensiFAST Genotyping Lo-ROX Mix2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-35002SensiFAST Genotyping Hi-ROX Mix200 rxnsBioline
BIO-35005SensiFAST Genotyping Hi-ROX Mix500 rxnsBioline
BIO-35020SensiFAST Genotyping Hi-ROX Mix2000 rxnsBioline
BIO-98002/SSample: SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-94002/SSample: SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-92002/SSample: SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-96002/SSample: SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-86002/SSample: SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-84002/SSample: SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-82002/SSample: SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-32002/SSample: SensiFAST HRM Kit10 rxnsBioline
BIO-34002/SSample: SensiFAST Genotyping Lo-ROX Mix10 rxnsBioline
BIO-35002/SSample: SensiFAST Genotyping Hi-ROX Mix10 rxnsBioline