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CoVard COVID-19 Rapid Nasal Test Kit

CoVard COVID-19 Rapid Nasal Test Kit

CoVard Covid-19 Rapid Antigen (Ag) Test is a lateral flow sandwich test designed for qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen directly from SARS-CoV-2 in nasal swab specimens.

Materials Provided with Test Kits
Test Cassettes
Sample Collection and Lysis Tubes
Dropper Cap
Silica Gel
User guide

Sensitivity and Specificity

Samples from 605 RT-PCR-identified positive patients were processed with this test kit and 603 samples were identified as positive; on the other hand, 513 samples were detected as negative in samples taken from 498 RT-PCR-identified negative patients.

Product NamePackageBrandDocument
CoVard COVID-19 Rapid Nasal Test Kit
50 units/pack CoVardNasal Sunum (EN).pdf

Assay Format
Lateral flow test
Test TypeQualitative
Specimen Type
Target Antigen 
Nucleocapsid (N)
Readout Time
15 Minutes
Storage Temperature  
2 – 30 °C

Instant Virus Antigen Detection
Ultra Fast
High Specificity and Sensitivity
CE-IVD Certificated
%100 Domestic Production
Storage at room temperature
For Professional in Vitro Diagnostic Use

Positive Result
Negative Result
Invalid Result
If both the (C) and (T) lines become visible within 15 minutes, the test result is positive and valid.
If the test area (T) line has no color and the control area shows a colored line, the result is negative and valid.
If a colored line does not appear in the control region (C), the test result in invalid. The test must be repeated using a new test casette.