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MultiTherm Shaker

MultiTherm Shaker

· Temperature control from 0 to 100°C

· Exchangeable blocks, for tube sizes 0.2 to 50 ml

· Precision contoured wells for uniform thermal transfer

· Two models: Heat/Cool or Heat only

· Sequence link function for linking or repeating programs (HC model only)

· Blocks sold separately

Ürün KoduÜrün DetayıMarkası
H5000-HCMultiTherm shaker with heating & coolingBenchmarkscientific
H5000-HMultiTherm shaker with heating onlyBenchmarkscientific
Blocks Sold Separately
H5000-02Block, 96 x 0.2ml or 1 x PCR plateBenchmarkscientific
H5000-05Block, 54 x 0.5mlBenchmarkscientific
H5000-CMBBlock, combination, 15x0.5ml & 20 x 1.5mlBenchmarkscientific
H5000-15Block,35 x 1.5mlBenchmarkscientific
H5000-20Block, 35 x 2.0mlBenchmarkscientific
H5000-12Block, 24 x 12mm (Max. speed: 1200 rpm)Benchmarkscientific
H5000-150Block, 12 x 15ml (Max speed: 750 rpm)Benchmarkscientific
H5000-500Block, 6 x 50ml (Max. Speed: 750 rpm)Benchmarkscientific
H50000-MPBlock, 1 x microplate (Ambient -10° to 60°C)Benchmarkscientific
H5000-DWMPBlock, 1 x microplate, deepwell(Ambient -10° to 60°C)Benchmarkscientific
H5000-WBBlock, multipurpose for water, beads, etc. (4x2.6x1")Benchmarkscientific
H5000-1232Block, 24 x 2ml AutoSample (HPLC) vials (12x32mm)Benchmarkscientific
H5000-025Block, 48 x 250ul vial insert (6x30mm)Benchmarkscientific